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In an era where digital platforms are increasingly curating content with complex algorithms and imposing restrictions, a breath of fresh air emerges from AmericanVeteranBusiness.com with the launch of PatrolBase.com. Our innovative social media platform is inviting veterans and their supporters to join a community where freedom of expression is paramount, and the only rule is to "be cool."***

PatrolBase.com stands out as a sanctuary free from the constraints that have become all too common on other social platforms. Here, there are no shadow bans, no censorship, and no manipulative algorithms dictating what you see or do not see. Instead, PatrolBase.com offers a transparent and open environment where users have the autonomy to share, connect, and engage in discussions without fear of being silenced.

***In the military we say, "Know your operational environment." Simply put, keep the business in the business group or politics in the politics group. Yet don't get offended if you see it. We have groups for many discussions and can always make more!


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Every featured member of AmericanVeteranBusiness.com gets a free dashboard that helps you consolidate and view all of your digital marketing, social media, and SEO. You cannot measure your success if you are not tracking it. Most importantly, we provide free, no pressure advisement for anything related to marketing. Contact us for more.


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